Total Hospitality – The Differentiating Element

At Total Hospitality the chief element that differentiates us is our thorough professionalism. Several successful ventures proudly stand testimony to our ability to create landmark properties across many towns and cities. Through our extraordinary prowess we diligently understand the fine nuances of the trade and accurately guide our clients and minimize unwanted costs in every operation. Thus most clients are able to work within budgets and escape undesirable cost escalation. Our principle concept is an effective utilisation of resources and maximization of profits through minimization of costs.


Total Hospitality is heavily networked with some of the best professionals in the industry. We are a strong hub of design engineers, draftsmen, interior decorators, electrical, plumbing and wood work technicians, lighting and acoustic engineers, HVAC personnel and several allied professionals. Further our management team provisions top quality chefs, food service managers, front office and housekeeping managers and costing professionals to offer advisory on planning related issues.

Establishment of Quality Assurance Methodology

Total Hospitality specialises in creating management and operating systems that ensure consistently high standards, ensuring best possible types and choices of food and drink. With perceived VALUE FOR MONEY by setting a predetermined quality and quantity of the product, we ensure enhanced presentation that improves the overall appeal of the dish and also simplifies costing for the management.

Focused Chef and Steward Training

Staff provided by us in the Food Preparation areas are well trained on the wide range of food textures, flavours, colours, tastes and the balance that must be achieved for the perfect dish. Stewards are also trained in service methods, seating arrangements and styles and also about the aromas and colours to be maintained in preparation and service of drinks. Since costing is an important element in overall profitability, our staff are provided with thorough grounding in food costing through correct indenting, minimising wastage and storage losses and also effective yield management.


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